What is my child developing through the Little Theatre Experts program?
– knowledge about the basic elements of theatre art
– critical thought
– interpreting tools
– analytical thought
– vocabulary
– independent establishment of personal stance and confidence in its expression
– inductive and deductive reasoning skills
– social skills
– creativity
– tolerance, empathy and respect for mutual differences
– love towards art
– habit of going to the theatre regularly
– need for cultural content

Program for children age 8-12Little Theatre Experts

The program consists of two types of activities: educational, critical, creative workshops and watching the plays, followed by discussion.
The goal of the program is establishment of aesthetic and ethical values in the development process of the child.
Why theatre?
Theatre is the only art that engages all of our senses, whose means of expression is the human bahaviour itself, and is experienced with others. Through observation of dramatic events we begin to notice dialectic principles within the play, we manage to see positions of various perspectives and shed light towards a single topic from various angles. This way we learn to understand causal inference in events and human behaviour, the importance of context and situation somebody is encountering, which determine motives and modes of human response.The base of every play is a critical event which children this age, at the threshold of maturity, have come to encounter ever more often and earlier than before. During the development of civilisation these events have been marked with a ritual (which is what theatre has derived from), highly important events, not only for an individual, but for an entire community.Today the marking of these rites of passage are neglected. Working through these themes, students learn that they are not alone in these hardships and unfamiliar emotions which the process of maturing brings about, and that they are a natural course of life growth.
Rhythm of the program?
Little Theatre Experts is a long-term program divided into thematic and methodological three-month units. Classes are held once a week at an agreed time (afternoon hours) and last around 120 minutes. Each unit consists of 12 teaching and workshop themes, each dedicated to a clearly defined purpose – development of critical and creative thought, while also encouraging and strengthening child’s own (and vocal!) opinion. The program also includes facultative visits to theatre plays in accordance with the age of the students, and also the application of what has been processed during the workshops on the specific examples from the plays.
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