The word Origami originates from the Japanese language and is derived from the word ori (bend) and kami (one of several words for paper). To put it simply, origami is the skill of bending a sheet of paper or cardboard to get the shape / figure you want, with no paper cutting or gluing.

In addition to being a source of fun and enjoyment, it provides numerous creative design opportunities, origami has many other benefits. In recent years, it has been applied in various fields, such as education, developmental and therapeutic programs. Origami is recognized in schools as outstanding educational material. Some math teachers use origami to enrich geometry lessons, fracture learning, and math problem solving skills. They also use it to help model and model work. Origami finds application in medicine and psychology.

When we practice origami, we will activate both hemispheres of the brain. Tactile, motor and visual areas of the brain are stimulated, coordination of eye-hand coordination, fine motor skills, thinking, attention, developing patience, managing spatial relationships as well as creativity.

             The Origami Corner is held once a week in the Artimatica’s space, scheduling is required so we could form age groups.

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